Birth and early development of a Company destined to become international

Intercom is founded in 1989 by Antonio Bordignon as a design and management studio for large facades work. Our original team quickly sees in Andrea Bordignon, current CEO of Intercom, clear and strong potentials. It is a group of people with the desire for growth.

Since our first projects, we are able to take on challenges that others would not attempt. One of these is the Communication Tower of Verona, which is the first unit-based facade. Followed by the Telecom Headquarters, the first facade in structural silicone. And finally the Citadel of Padua, an immense work that remains a symbol of Intercom’s commitment and skills.

Intercom is born as a satellite of a construction Company in Padua. His function is to acquire and plan out the work by defining the materials required and managing the work schedules. Production and installation are outsourced to trusted companies.

These first years are fundamental to discover our ability of finding original solutions, which becomes a strong feature of our work.



Intercom GMBH is established

In 1995 we embark on our long period of development, starting with the establishment of Intercom GMBH. We begin by forming teams of installers who work on the construction sites. And create a team of Project Managers who supervises the work.

During this time, our main projects are hospitals, schools and research centers, many located in East Germany, Bavaria and Baden Wuttemberg.

Our experiences in Germany mature our technical team, which acquires during the years, the knowledge of glass, statics and insulation. But also, the importance of guaranteeing compliance with working schedules, a fundamental for the German Market.



Our first workshop is born

In 2003, we realize the importance of taking 100% control of our production. In order to guarantee quality and timing, we decide to open our workshop. This allows us to become a fully functioning Company, able to offer its customers designs, management, production, and installation services.


Strong national presence

We form a partnership with Vitralux for South Tyrol

In 2005, we decide to focus on the South Tyrolean market. We start a strong collaboration with Vitralux, which brings us the acquisition of large projects in the areas of Bolzano, Merano and Brunico. Our projects include office towers, multiplexes, and advanced industrial centers. Our main goal is always seeking innovation and quality.

In Bolzano, we build the first tower classified as Casa-Klima A with cellular elements; home for many years of the certification body Casa-Klima.


Overseas expansion

We carry out our first three projects in the United States

Our partnership with Wicona, our supplier of aluminum systems of facades and windows, brings us the first opportunity in the American market. We immediately see the potential. From procurement of service to overseeing the development of the projects and ensuring precise timeframes, we recognize that this new challenge requires maximum commitment from our operations.

We start our first three construction sites in New York, with related testing and development of systems dedicated to a market that focuses exclusively on the cellular construction of facades.During this period, we are able to gain recognition both in the United States and Northern Italy, with trusted customers such as Intercable, Unox and Carfin 92.


Solidification in Italy

We establish new offices and a new production plant

In 2008, driven by the growing market, we build new offices and a new production plant. With the goals that we have set for ourselves in mind, our larger spaces become vital.

In the same year, driven by our desire for innovation, we develop a facade with forced internal ventilation, in collaboration with Vetroventilato. We install it for the first time in the new headquarters of the Misericordia in Prato, a very futuristic facade for the construction world. This is proof of our continuous research.

Together with Wicona, we also develop the first double skin cell facade with autonomous natural ventilation, a concept already seen in the Nordic countries, but never developed for a project of this size. We execute the work successfully, fully respecting timing and methods requirements.

2009 is an important year for Intercom, with the acquisition of the Vodafone Village construction project, the largest ever accomplished (28,000 square meters).


The return to the United States

We consolidate our presence in the territory once again.

During this period, we use the Vodafone Village to consistently promote our expertise with our Certified Systems, Wicona products and Intercom’s knowledge in the US market, where we are also forced to face the 2008 Subprime crisis. We rely on consultants who knows us to demonstrate how far we have come in the production and development of technical solutions.

This move pays off and we are immediately given the opportunity to bring Intercom and Wicona back to the American market. During this time, we are able to create alliances and loyal partnerships with new glazing contractors, customers and installers, allowing us to increase opportunities and business in general.

35 West 15th Street in New York, the first project of our second arrival in the United States is, at this time, one of the most beautiful buildings we have ever built, characterized by a sloping cell facade.

Intercom continues to be very attractive during this time, consistently building and producing its products at the best of its ability.


Aza-Int is constituted

A winning partnership in the United States

Success and customer satisfaction continue to increase demand. We make the decision to rely on a solid partner with greater production and management capacity to respond to the growing market.

In 2015 the idea of Aza-Int takes form, a joint venture for the US market between Intercom and Aza.

We see results quickly, also due to the large investment of increasing qualified personnel. Our focus is to strengthen our management team with key figures. New challenges arise continuously, but we manage to find functional solutions, at times bold, to resolve the issues.

During these recent years, Intercom has confirmed its leadership by establishing the market trends. This growth is due to its solid know-how, commercial relationships, experience and specific technical knowledge.


The future

We look to tomorrow

The years of the Joint Venture are very successful, during which Intercom grows and expands its productive, managerial and technical capacity. At this point, its large investment in specialized personnel, who plays key roles in the organization, strengthens its presence on the market. This new internal structure drives Intercom to return to its independence. It separates from Aza to strive to become even stronger and more competitive to an increasingly challenging market.