Quality Audit is our normal practice at Intercom Facades

Incoming Quality Audit

For every project we guarantee meticulous attention to detail and a stringent incoming quality control process that ensures the excellence of the final result at every stage.

But it’s more than just a process – it’s a dedication to our clients’ satisfaction and the success of their projects. We understand that our work isn’t solely about constructing building envelopes; it’s about translating customers’ visions into reality, exceeding expectations, and fulfilling their desires.

That’s why attention to detail and quality control is at the heart of our mission.

Because we know that, when it comes to creating exceptional building envelopes, every single façade element counts.

We always engage our Client throughout the project, fostering close collaboration with both them and our suppliers. Our strong partnership with top-tier suppliers exclusively relies on companies equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing precise control over all components.

The experience and the knowledge gained from having successfully completed large projects of international importance, represents an added value that stimulate us to continue the growth and dedication of what we do best, your buildings.

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