Intercom Family Day

In Intercom, we believe that family is the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’re excited to open our doors and welcome our employees’ families to experience a day in the life of our amazing company.

It’s a day where children can explore their parents’ workplace, play together, and make lasting memories.

Family Day represents our commitment to growth, community, teamwork, and nevertheless nurturing our employees’ well-being. We value the importance of creating a positive work-life balance and fostering a strong sense of unity within our organization.

Last May, 2023 we gave our employees’ family members the opportunity to get to know the company better and spend a unique and special afternoon together.

We were happy to welcome them and provide a glimpse into our world.

We watched our children having fun, making new friends, and finding out what their parents do during their workday. It was a moment of unity, growth, and sharing.

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