Prato, Italy


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Arch. Luigi Zola

CM/General Contractor

Arciconfraternita della Misericordia di Prato

Project Description

The Arciconfraternita Della Misericordia project and subsequent realization of the complex stem from a thoughtful consideration of the theme of redevelopment, particularly in reclaiming a former industrial site. The buildings are designed to accommodate the different services offered by the Arciconfraternita della Misericordia and its 2000 confreres. The new headquarters is spacious, environmentally friendly, and functional, encompassing fifteen thousand square meters of space both indoors and outdoors, with a strong symbolic feature – the centrally located Chapel in the cross-shaped complex.

The project’s ambition was for the architecture to transcend time, with a deliberate dialectical dialogue between the old and the new clearly evident. The new structures were meant to be distinctly identifiable from the existing ones in terms of form and materials, avoiding misunderstandings or “hybridizations.”

The four courtyards, thanks to the unique arrangement of the new additions, are perceived as integral parts of the broader ensemble that was the original grand square. In the restored sections, Wicona Wictec 50, Wicline 77, and Wicstyle 77 systems were installed, while in the new sections, the facade features Wicona Wictec EL 60 elements with modules measuring 550 x 448 cm.





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