New York, US


Type of building



W&W Glass


Handel Architects


Taconic Partners

CM/General Contractor

Triton Construction

Facade Consultant

Eckersley O'Callaghan

Project Description

312W 43RD | THE ELLERY 33-story residential building in the heart of Midtown, Manhattan (NY).

It is fascinating to showcase the Wall Type WT14 podium façade, WT15 and WT4 at 311 West 43rd Street.

WT14 PODIUM FACADE – Work to install the glass curtain wall required special permits to block off the street, working exclusively at night to avoid traffic congestion at 311 West 42nd Street near Times Square.

WT4 FACADE – Despite the more compact size, it posed a significant challenge due to its need for customization. Typically, customizations of facade systems are prioritized for larger-sized elements, especially when considering the investments required in the design phase.
However, thanks to the expertise of our team, we were able to precisely meet the architect’s needs, crafting a facade with curtainwall elements that showcase a unique “zig-zag” design. Another example of how, when faced with challenges, our team is always ready to respond with innovative solutions.

WT15 FACADE – The WT15 presented a considerable challenge, starting with its impressive specially crafted external fins, measuring an impressive height of 25′. The curtain wall units, when positioned in a specific sequence, create a lively visual impression, giving a distinctive character to the overall design. The on-site installation marks the shift from the project’s initial concept to reality.
The success of the WT15 facade installation is not by chance. Meticulous planning and the outstanding work of our Technical Department played a key role in this achievement. Thanks to their tight coordination with the on-site team, potential challenges were anticipated and addressed, making the installation of large-sized components seem with no doubt due to the installers and their expertise on-site, it’s equally essential to acknowledge the detailed and systematic approach of our technical department. What might appear “easy” to an outside observer is the result of thought through planning and impeccable teamwork.




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